Friday, 8 November 2013

African Community Outreach

My friends Hamish and Terri Rodgers

Would you drive into a South African township to help a hopeless alcoholic living in a cardboard box?

You hear that little children are being abused in an unregistered creche, that others are not getting into school simply because their parents cannot afford to buy a uniform. What can you do?

Could you help tiny children who are going to bed hungry, knowing their elder siblings are beginning to miss school so that they can search rubbish dumps for food? 

Hamish and Terri rolled up their sleeves and started to do what they could. They registered a not-for-profit organisation in South Africa under the name of 'African Community Outreach' and started addressing needs. Hamish kept working as a freelance Safari Guide to keep them on the road, whilst Terri, a trained nurse, was able to help the sick. 

December and early January are their busiest times as children are admitted to school at the start of the year. They try to make sure that every child in their local township of Leseding is able to get a place at school and enter properly equipped. This way they nip any 'Street Kid' problem in the bud - but it is hot work. Do send them a message of encouragement in the comments box below.   

Peanut butter sandwiches and milk distributed at Kids Club in Leseding Township

To read more about Hamish and Terri's projects please click here
They are currently supported by a UK registered charity called Brighter Start. Click here for their page on this website Africa Community Outreach 

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