Sunday, 22 March 2015

Email from our Parish Priest

Greetings from Boldre Vicarage, Pilley Hill

In this week’s pew sheet article:

An old Derbyshire insult is shared

Reticence is preferred to the parading of pain and hurt

Samuel Beckett is commended for his atheism.

News of Vicarage expertise in artificially fertilizing courgette plants
and of faith and doubt in John Betjeman.

Please note:

1) We have a donkey for next week’s Palm Sunday,  29 March at 10.30am
2) Consider giving an Easter Lily in memory of a loved one, or to celebrate an
        anniversary or birthday.  

The battle with Vicarage squirrels continues. Plan P foiled them yesterday. Today it did not. Plan Q is now in place. We are confident we have foiled them this time.

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